Artist’s Statement

My paintings reflect the unpredictability and surprises of nature. Vivid colors, aggressive strokes, and infinite space culminate in imaginary settings. The topography, the seasons and the weather play an important role in my art. Daily hikes in the woods and by the shoreline provide inspiration. As a pianist, the rhythms, contrasts and color of music also deeply influence my work. After loading the canvas with pigment, I use my fingers, brushes, and squeegees to move the paint, either by wiping it away, or layering color over color. Just as a pianist can create a variety of sounds by touch, I can work the surface with wild determined strokes or tender caresses.

Memory informs my touch as much as my conversation with the evolution of the paint on my surface. Embracing chance helps liberate me from a sense of obligation and allows my paintings to dance. 

Kathryn Poch